Back to School Sale

We are kicking off the new school year with our Back to School Sale! New polos from Express, a pair of kicks from Foot Locker, and a set of Yikes pencils are great, but the cool kids are coming back to school with the hottest travel destination. This year you will be looking good on the first day of school with trips to Amalfi, Croatia, Fall Break, European Spring Break and more.

Starting Monday, July 30 at 7pm Central Europe Time, 1pm Eastern Daylight Time, 10am Pacific Daylight Time we will be practically handing you this year’s top back to school accessories, with discounts up to 75% off most of our weekend trips, and 50% off our Fall and Spring Break trips.

Sale details:

  • Discount spots on each trip are limited and first come first serve.
  • Sale ends on August 1st or when all discount spots are claimed
  • Gift codes are valid for the sale prices, so talk to one of your – Bus2alps buddies for info how to save more.
  • Multi-trip discounts are valid with sale. Sign up for 2 trips at once and save 5% off sale price; sign up for 3 trips and save 7% off sale price

Fill the new school year, not only with the experience of living in another country, but of traveling Europe. Climb the Eiffel tower, watch the sunset over the Greek Islands, ski the Swiss Alps, float through the canals of Venice, and have your picture taken wandering through the souks of Morocco.

With a European travel schedule, you will be the coolest kid on the first day of abroad.

2 thoughts on “Back to School Sale

  1. It seems hard to book all fall travel when I don’t have my class schedule or know who I will be friends with/traveling with in the Fall. Are the trips transferable or can they be cancelled if schedules conflict?

    1. Hey Brittany. Most people have this same issue with booking ahead of time. You can purchase cancellation insurance for 15 euro when you book our trip. This allows you cancel or change your trip at any time free of charge. It would be worth it if you are able to get one of the 75 euro sale spots for one of our trips. Typically you can look at your program’s academic calendar on the website. This will tell you when your Fall Break is, any other holidays, and depending on the program will also note when you may have a Friday class.

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