Incredible Friday study abroad read courtesy of DU Study Abroad.

DU Abroad

Having worked with both college and highschool students while they are studying abroad, I often tell them during orientation that studying abroad is like being in kindergarten all over again… How?  

You’ll need to memorize your home address.  Learning your way around a new city (and public transportation) is one thing, but being able to tell a cab driver your address to get you home is quite another.  The same can be said for memorizing a phone number (in case you lose your cell phone).

You need to learn how to cross the street.  Whether it be dodging bikes in Copenhagen, having near-death experiences with rickshaws in Delhi or taxis in Rome, or simply having traffic on the opposite side of the road; you will have to re-learn looking both ways before (and while) crossing the street!

You need someone to explain things to you.  Much like when you…

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