Adventuring in Roma

Back in the day when I studied abroad (it actually was not that long ago), the very first trip that I did was the Bus2alps Amalfi Coast trip.  It sold me first of all on Italy- no one should come to Italy and not go to the Amalfi Coast, but also on Bus2alps.   I was very impressed with the company and the trip was honestly so much fun.  I was impressed by not only how much was included, but also by the guides and their helpfulness.  

When my guide suggested that I go to Interlaken, Switzerland, I was not quite sold.  Why would I go to Switzerland during the summer?  I don’t ski, but even so, what is there to do in July?  If I wanted to go to Switzerland, wouldn’t I go to one of the “cooler” cities like Geneva or Lucerne?  Turns out…and this…

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  1. Time to open the new world that is really great , you got the thing that all want to do “tour around the world”. I try my best to go around that meaning.
    Let explore it……..

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